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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/27/2019 - 2/2/2019

Spotlight on Irrigation Training

Training technicians is one of the most important steps a manager can take to improve irrigation system efficiency.

Read This » Specifying the Proper Roofing System

Managers who oversee roof replacement projects all too often take the easy road when facing difficult decisions: “It’s time to replace the roof.

Read This » 4 Myths Increase Risk of BAS Hack

Talk to any cybersecurity expert, and you’ll hear the same thing: almost all building automation systems have vulnerabilities a hacker could exploit to gain access to the system.

Read This » On Facilities Leadership: Leading By Example

A collection of scientific tools of various vintages perches on a credenza along the wall of Alex Kogan’s office at Rockefeller University.

Read This » Design, Installation, Maintenance, Management: Keys To Long Roof Life

Because the life of a roof is intrinsically connected to its design, gaining a greater understanding about good roofing system design and materials selection is an important precursor toward achieving a long service life.

Read This » Understanding FM Training and Education Options

Given the range of skills required of facility managers, many will need to acquire or improve their skill sets.  One tactic is simply asking questions and being observant.

Read This » Making the Most of Irrigation Technology

One of the most beneficial irrigation system upgrades involves investing in central controls.

Read This » Wayfinding: Helping Building Occupants Find Their Way