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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/28/2018 - 2/3/2018

Air Filters: Eyes on Efficiency

Air filtration systems have evolved over the years in response to evolving needs of occupants of institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Air Filters: Advances in Design

New-generation filters One of the newer filtration system designs is a dynamic air cleaner, which is a hybrid of electronic air cleaners and passive filters.

Read This » Air Filters: Understanding ASHRAE Standards

Standards One problem managers face when comparing different filtration systems is the way the manufacturers rate their systems.

Read This » What's Next For Enterprise Data Centers?

That’s an easy question, right? More use of colocation or cloud facilities surely means that legacy data centers are being downsized if not decommissioned.

Read This » Improve Building Performance with Integrative Design, Commissioning

As the facility industry increasingly aims for higher performing buildings, facility managers should be aware of proven ways to prevent problems that can sabotage their facility's performance for years to come.

Read This » Integrated Design, Commissioning Aid Turnover from Building Construction to Operations

An integrated design approach combined with commissioning also pays dividends during the turnover from new construction to operations.

Read This » How to Specify the Proper Locks and Hinges

Institutional and commercial facilities rely on door hardware to secure buildings and control the movement of occupants and visitors.

Read This » Ensuring Door Hardware Performs as Intended

To ensure door hardware components perform as intended, managers need to develop and implement a comprehensive program of inspection and testing.

Read This » Implementing a Management Policy for Door Hardware Components

A management policy for door hardware components should include high-achievement training, up-to-date door hardware, and perhaps the most important element of all, stringent maintenance requirements. When preparing to maintain access control hardware, managers should start with an inventory of the system.

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On Oct.

Read This » Legal Considerations in Mandalay Bay Attack

In November, hundreds of victims filed lawsuits against the Mandalay Bay, Live Nation Entertainment (organizers of the Route 91 Music Festival), and the attacker’s estate.

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