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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/8/2019 - 12/14/2019

Curtain Wall vs. Window Wall: Making the Proper Choice

A design alternative to conventional curtain wall systems, window walls are an attractive option.

Read This » Qualified Contractors Essential for Successful Roofing Upgrades

Many roof project specifications indicate the installer must be a qualified subcontractor that is approved, authorized and licensed by the roofing system manufacturer to install the manufacturer’s product, as well as that the subcontractor is eligible to receive the manufacturer’s special warranty.   Consulting the manufacturer’s representative for subcontractor recommendations does not lend itself to competitive bidding, but it might ensure quality and warranty requirements.

Read This » Expanded Opportunities for Higher Education Facility Upgrades

Increasing the energy efficiency of higher education facilities via renovations and upgrades also involves minimizing the infiltration of outside air.

Read This » Transferring Facilities Management Leadership Skills

It’s important to think about the leadership characteristics you want your staff, your company’s senior management, and your customers to attribute to you. As the facility leader, you are well versed in how your facility management services support the corporate business mission.

Read This » How to Assess the Condition of Your Parking Structure

With contemporary designs that highlight parking structure architecture with living facades, graphic artwork, sculptural lighting, and eye-catching metal scrims, today’s parking garages merit mention in design journals and debut to architectural fanfare.

Read This » Engaged Managers Drive Maintenance Success

Part of managers’ efforts to engage their staff is to be engaged themselves.

Read This » Key Control and Door Hardware: Security Considerations

Key control is always a hot topic in security and access control.

Read This » How to Plan for Fire Alarm System Replacement

If your plan is a total fire alarm system replacement, you need to have a solid replacement plan.

Read This » Can Energy Models Help Healthcare Facilities Reduce Energy Use?

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are notorious energy users due to the large amount of outside air that is required for ventilation and air change rates, the need for spaces to be cooled or warmed above normal conditions for various medical procedures, and the fact that many of these facilities run continuously with little to no unoccupied times.

Read This » Equipment Care for Effective Drain Cleaning

While it is essential that managers specify the most effective drain-cleaning machines for their front-line technicians, the equipment will only deliver as intended if they ensure that technicians care for the equipment as directed by manufacturers.  “Managers should be aware that clean-up and preventive maintenance should be factored into their drain-cleaning maintenance schedules,” Silverman says.

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