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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/9/2018 - 12/15/2018

Understanding New Trends in Healthcare Restroom Design

Years ago, when Annabella Koloskov’s father was in the hospital after suffering a stroke, he got up to use the bathroom by himself.

Read This » Deferred Maintenance: Making the Case for Upgrades

Making the case for facility upgrade projects has become more efficient and effective for Steiger, based in part on data he and his team have been able to collect on the success of past projects. “When I present my capital improvement requests, I have assessments done by engineers, and I use data to justify my projects,” he says.

Read This » Roof Inspections: The Benefits of Infrared Technology

Infrared technology has had a tremendous impact on facilities maintenance, including roof inspections.

Read This » Lighting Upgrades: Quantifying Results

Paradoxically, quantifying the upgrade results is both the most difficult and easiest part of the process.

Read This » Understanding Backup Power Generation System Options

The main purpose for backup power generation (that is, equipment that is normally off and in standby mode) is to improve power reliability.

Read This » Higher Education Facilities Embrace Student Collaboration, Skills Training

Campus ecosystems are increasingly being shaped by the confluence of business and academic activities.

Read This » How To Diagnose Facilities Management Staffing Issues

If facility managers recognize even one of these symptoms in their departments, it is time to take immediate action and diagnose what is ailing the culture.

Read This » Grounds: Successful Soil Strategy

While many of the challenges facing Dobbs and his department are relatively recent developments, one especially tough challenge has its roots — literally — in California’s Gold Rush. “This part of California has some of the poorest soils in the state due to the gold mining that took place here two centuries ago,” he says, adding that miners used huge amounts of water to wash away lighter soil components, revealing any gold but leaving cobble stone and gravel.

Read This » 3 Steps To Planning A Fire Safety System Upgrade

A commercial building’s fire protection infrastructure is arguably the most critical of its life safety systems.

Read This » Mowers: Ensuring Safe Operation

Mowers are the workhorses of many grounds departments in commercial and institutional facilities, where the appearance of turf and landscaped areas go a long way in creating a positive image for occupants and visitors.

Read This » 4 Steps to Personal Protection

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for protecting front-line technicians in institutional and commercial buildings.

Read This » How Roof Inspections Vary by Type

The most effective way to inspect any roof system, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, is to start around the perimeter of the roof section, looking closely at the outer edge of the roof section, including edge metals, base flashings, and tie-in details.

Read This » Innovations in Green Roofs Bring Benefits

Change often comes slowly in facility management.

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