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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/5/2020 - 1/11/2020

Biophilia, Reliable Tech: Two Keys to Open Office Success

The addition of plants or elements of biophilic design can create a more relaxing environment for workers.

Read This » Door Hardware and Occupant Safety

Few situations in recent years have prompted maintenance and engineering managers to carry out upgrades and retrofits in greater numbers of institutional and commercial buildings than the growing threat of mass shootings.

Read This » Head of the Class: Geothermal Delivers Savings

Maintenance and engineering departments rarely get the credit they deserve for their efforts to, among many responsibilities, keep facilities safe, energy efficient and sustainable.

Read This » Sustainable HVAC: Plan Early and Often

Buildings can do better.

Read This » Beyond the Smart Buildings Hype

Smart buildings are the latest hot topic in the building industry, with the potential to become a significant industry catalyst for new development projects and to create massive quantities of additional data from Building-Internet-of-Things (B-IoT) devices.

Read This » By the Numbers: Creating Buy-In for Maintenance

Let’s address the elephant in the room first.

Read This » The Human Side of 21st Century Facilities

Nothing grabs attention in facilities like new technology, hot trends and cutting-edge ideas.

Read This » Serious Fun: How a Hotel FM Makes Saving Energy Enjoyable

Over the course of his career, Bob Holesko has picked up some playful nicknames, like Bear Trap Bob.

Read This » Facilities Manager's Guide to Winter Roofing Care

Winter weather is upon us, and it can have a negative impact on the roof system.

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