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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/7/2024 - 1/13/2024

Celebrating 70 Years of Building Operating Management Magazine 

n 1954, Harry Apple, the founder of Milwaukee-based Trade Press Publishing, asked the janitorial and sanitation distributor readerships of his popular “Sanitary Maintenance” magazine for a list of top customers who might be interested in learning about the developing trends and products in the facility maintenance industry.   That September, “Better Maintenance” — the original name of “Building Operating Management” — debuted to 57,000 buyers of maintenance supplies and equipment.

Read This » The Unseen Challenges Grounds Managers Face

eople cast judgement on institutional and commercial facilities from the moment they first see them.

Read This » Midland Independent School District's Journey to Modernize HVAC Systems

ortney Smith is all too aware of the challenges involved in maintaining aging HVAC systems and equipment in his Texas school district’s aging facilities.  “The average age of facilities in the district is 60-plus years, so we've got some aging facilities,” says Smith, chief of facilities and operations with the Midland Independent School District.

Read This » The Bottom Line on Key Performance Indicators

re you selling key performance indicators (KPI) short?  When used effectively, KPIs offer maintenance and engineering managers an appealing range of benefits.

Read This » Beyond the Game: NRG Stadium's Eco-Friendly Makeover

FL stadiums are among the most high-profile commercial buildings in the United States.

Read This » How the Music City Center's Green Roof Revolutionizes Sustainability in Commercial Buildings

he green movement has embraced the global marketplace and captured the attention of consumers, companies, architects, and facility managers like never before.

Read This » 5 Steps for Improving Workplace Morale

mproving morale in the workplace is one of the toughest issues to deal with as a facility manager.

Read This » Mastering Lighting Upgrades: Strategies for Success and Cost-Efficiency

ighting upgrades are notoriously complex projects.

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