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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/11/2018 - 2/17/2018

Plumbing Renovations That Enhance Performance

Renovations and retrofits of restrooms and plumbing systems present maintenance and engineering managers with a set of difficult challenges.

Read This » Routine Plumbing Maintenance Can Improve Functionality, Efficiency

Fixture and faucet maintenance can drive up high costs and create workload headaches if managers fail to plan.

Read This » Specifying Plumbing Products for Functionality not Aesthetics

When choosing the types of lavatories, faucets, water closets, and urinals in any renovation project that can help to achieve project goals, the selection is sometimes driven by fixture aesthetics.

Read This » Conducting Restroom Renovations in Occupied Buildings

Renovations of restrooms and plumbing systems in occupied buildings can require maintenance and engineering managers to isolate the construction area with partitions to protect occupants and minimize disruption to other areas.

Read This » How Sustainability Increases Student Performance

Solar panels line the roofs, LED light fixtures cover the ceilings, “smart boards” hang from the acoustically sound walls, and low emitting carpet tiles run across the floors.

Read This » WELL Building Standard Promotes Student Achievement, Health

The WELL Building Standard offers an educational facility pilot program.

Read This » How the Living Building Challenge Promotes School Sustainability

For those looking to hurdle the highest bar, the Living Building Challenge (LBC) rating system takes one of the most stringent approaches to greening the built environment.

Read This » How Good Design Prevents Complaints about Restrooms

Surveys of facility managers have shown that the frequency of complaints about restrooms ranks second only to those concerning building temperatures.

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Read This » Implementing a Successful Asset Management Program

We constantly strive to find the silver bullet to make our lives and jobs better.

Read This » The Benefits of an Asset Management Program

How does this process benefit managers and their facilities? Let’s align the six areas to facility management functions. First consider strategy and planning.

Read This » What to Consider When Specifying Flooring

User experience — patient and staff experience — is an increasingly critical factor in the healthcare industry, especially as hospital consumerism and comparison become firmly rooted in the market.

Read This » How Floorcoverings Decisions Affect Environment of Care

The environment of care, whether in an acute or ambulatory setting, influences choices in floorcoverings.

Read This » 4 Ways High-Performance Floorcovering Leads To Patient Satisfaction

Understanding four key physical or emotional elements that affect patient satisfaction will guide design teams to select high-performance floorcovering choices.

Read This » Consider Floorcovering Sustainability For Healthcare Selection

For a hospital or healthcare facility seeking a green building rating certification such as LEED or Green Globes, sustainability has as much importance as the durability and infection control qualities of the floorcovering selection.

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