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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/11/2024 - 2/17/2024

Hotel Conversions make Post-Pandemic Sense

he Marriott East Hotel was a New York City landmark, designed more than 100 years ago by Arthur Loomis Harmon, the architect of the Empire State Building.   With its Romanesque Revival façade, the building at 525 Lexington Ave.

Read This » Fire Prevention Starts with Proper Installation, Use and Maintenance

nce you have identified the possible fire hazards at your facility, managers are ready to put preventive measures in place.

Read This » Green Roof Installation, Inspection and Maintenance

egetative, or green, roofs have gained a hold in a growing number of commercial and institutional facilities because of their benefits related to stormwater management, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Read This » Jail Lighting Upgrade Pays Dividends for County

nbsp;The challenges of upgrading any aging facility are daunting enough.

Read This » Designing Adaptable Workstations and Labs

esearch and business mix in this repositioning project at One Charles Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Read This » The Higher the MERV the Better: With Some Exceptions

efore the COVID-19 pandemic, if someone mentioned Merv, they were probably talking about Griffin, the longtime television personality.  After the pandemic, MERV, as in the minimum efficiency rating value of air filters, became a popular topic beyond facility managers and HVAC contractors, as people who work in institutional and commercial buildings or send their children to K-12 schools started talking about air filters and their effectiveness keeping unhealthy particles out of the air that circulates throughout buildings.  One of the silver linings that emerged from the pandemic was an increased awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ) among building occupants.

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