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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/12/2023 - 2/18/2023

Why Facility Managers Should Focus on ESG

etween managing roof repairs, responding to “Billy in accounting” who is always hot, and putting together that presentation for the CEO on how you’re planning to cut your budget by 20 percent, it’s often difficult for facility managers to keep big picture goals in mind.

Read This » Why Facilities Should Use Green Seal Certified Paints

hen it comes to painting projects, facilities managers must make a series of critical decisions in order to create a productive work environment for future occupants.

Read This » Restroom Fixtures May Help with Water Conservation

ompleting a water audit in restrooms is one of the first steps in effective water conservation.

Read This » Why Facility Managers Can’t Ignore Commissioning Anymore

he one downside to buildings becoming more sophisticated is that more can go wrong.

Read This » How to Connect Buildings and Building Occupants to Nature

n the last decade, there has been an avalanche of research showing how critical views of nature, a connection to nature, and natural elements in the built environment are to employee health and wellness, workplace satisfaction, and productivity.

Read This » How MEWPs are Growing in Popularity

ize, environmental sensitivities and safety factors are three reasons low-level access lifts are appealing for managers.  Size.

Read This » How to Perform a Leak Investigation

t's no secret that secret leaks in a facility can wind up costing facility managers thousands of dollars.

Read This » Best Ways to Make a Foolproof Business Case

ears ago, a colleague of mine presented a project he was passionate about for budget approval.

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