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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/16/2020 - 2/22/2020

How to Keep Legacy Data Centers Productive

Despite the growing use of cloud and colocation strategies, legacy enterprise data centers still handle a vast amount of data processing and storage.

Read This » Outsourcing: How To Select the 'Right' Vendor

Traditionally, price has been the sole factor managers considered in selecting contractors, but basing the decision on lowest cost will cost more.

Read This » Beyond Cost: Three Key Mower Considerations

<p>Many grounds managers in the market for a new commercial mower pay close attention to the initial and life-cycle equipment costs, and for good reasons.

Read This » Why Professional Development is Worth the Effort

While the benefits of professional development are numerous for both the individual and the facility management team, professional development is not without challenges.

Read This » Plumbing Products That Ensure Successful Upgrades

Water conservation is a high priority in most institutional and commercial facilities, with many regions of the country facing strict limits on water use.

Read This » 3 New Technologies to Consider for Fire Alarm Upgrades

When you are planning to upgrade or replace an existing fire alarm system, it would be inappropriate to assume you cannot afford to add better features and functionality.

Read This » Biophilia in Existing Buildings: Keeping the Momentum

Unfortunately, most biophilic frameworks end at the design phase.

Read This » Three Steps to Boiler Performance and Efficiency

Boilers and water heaters are key components in any program that maintenance and engineering managers implement to reduce energy and water use in institutional and commercial facilities.

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