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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/17/2019 - 2/23/2019

Keys To Edge Computing Success

To be effective, edge computing needs to be close to where the data stream originates and is applied.

Read This » Data Drives Monitoring-Based Commissioning Success

The success of MBCx is heavily contingent on buy-in from the facility team.

Read This » Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Centers: More Strategies To Increase Throughput

Picking warehouse items is a time-critical and detail-oriented process used by transportation, logistics, and distribution companies to increase throughput.

Read This » Technician Productivity: Strategies for Success

Have you ever woken up and not wanted to go to work? You just don’t feel like working some days.

Read This » University Taps into Facility Data To Improve Maintenance

The arrival of Big Data signaled to businesses that anything that could be measured also could be analyzed and improved.

Read This » Culture Change: MD Anderson Embraces Proactive Maintenance

Overseeing a maintenance and operations department for any large organization brings challenges that can easily be overwhelming, given size and scope of the facilities in question.

Read This » Portfolio Planning: Tips for Streamlining Construction Projects

Advocate Aurora Healthcare currently has about $3 billion in construction projects either waiting for approval, in design, or underway, between its 27 hospitals and 500-plus clinics and outpatient facilities, says Albert Manshum, senior vice president, support services.  To streamline its relationships with outside parties, Advocate Aurora uses a preferred partner program (PPP) with contractors, architects, designers, engineers, and the trades.

Read This » Energy Information Systems: Identify KPIs, Prioritize Actions

“Buildings are all unique in the way they are designed, constructed, and operated,” says Chris Wilson, operations director, Energy+Eco, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

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Read This » Effective Facilities Management Is Level-Headed Facilities Management

Leading from behind is one of those management catch phrases bandied about, but Kogan provides a real example that the concept is effective and meaningful when executed by a competent and generous leader.

Read This » Good News for Deferred Maintenance?

Is America turning the corner on tackling deferred maintenance in K-12 schools? Can maintenance and engineering managers have at least a little more hope that help is on the way? Maybe, and yes.

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