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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/18/2024 - 2/24/2024

Navigating Campus-Wide Power Upgrades with Smart Solutions

hroughout the 1960 and 70s, many colleges and universities around the United States underwent significant campus expansions to accommodate the needs and demands of growing student populations –– fueled in large part by the Baby Boomers, one of America’s largest generations to-date.

Read This » Determining a Paint Project’s Lifespan

pon completion of a painting or coating project, the timeframe for touch-ups or recoating depends on many factors, including whether the surface is interior or exterior, environmental conditions and the type of surface.    “Generally, well-painted interior walls in commercial or residential buildings can typically last for 5 to 10 years before requiring touch-ups,” Edrosa says.

Read This » Wildfire Smoke: A Billions-of-Dollars Concern for Facilities

he exceptionally small particles in wildfire smoke present a far greater health risk than facility managers might suppose.

Read This » Myths About Green Roofs

ecause green roofs are relatively new and present different challenges than other types of roofs, managers can come across false or misleading information about the systems.   “It can be a myth or misconception that a green roof system can go on every single roofing type,” Stacy says.

Read This » A Guide to Effective Capital Project Management

n the dynamic field of facilities management, capital projects are essential for growth and efficiency, and facilities managers play a crucial role in steering these projects from concept to completion.

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