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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/25/2024 - 3/2/2024

Retrospective: Facility Managers Help Modernize Buildings in the 1960s

o celebrate Building Operating Management’s 70th anniversary, every month, FacilitiesNet is looking back at each of the seven decades since its inception.    Like the decade before it, the United States in the 1960s was expanding with new construction in every major city.

Read This » Employee Wellbeing Is New Job Duty for Facility Managers

he conversation around mental health in the workplace has grown in the last few years as employers begin to recognize the importance of overall employee wellbeing on job performance.

Read This » What to Do with Expired PPE

uring the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities accumulated an abundance of face masks, gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Now, many of these protective products are reaching expiration dates, and facility managers are unsure what to do with the equipment.

Read This » Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan

here’s a lot to take in when ensuring proper fire prevention in a facility.

Read This » How to Avoid Serious Injury, Death from Electrocution

hen working with electrical distribution systems and components, frontline maintenance technicians and engineers often face the potential for serious injury or death from electrocution or arc flashes, but knowledge of safety tips, procedures, codes and regulations can help technicians and engineers lessen the risk and potential for serious injury or death.   Electrocution is defined as the injury or killing of someone by electric shock.

Read This » How to Reposition Buildings to Meet Market Demands

s new-build, Class A skyscrapers come to market, the widely reported “flight to quality” is forcing older commercial buildings to evaluate their place in the conversation.

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