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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/4/2018 - 2/10/2018

Boilers: Repair or Replace?

An age-old proverb that begins, “For want of a nail a horse was lost” goes on to warn that one small problem can lead to the loss of a kingdom.

Read This » Boilers: Specifying for Facility Needs

The goals of the 2014 boiler upgrade at UCHealth Memorial Hospital included better fuel efficiency, increased capacity, greater redundancy on peak-demand days, and the ability to support expansion and construction at the hospital and on campus.

Read This » Boilers: Overcoming Challenges, Learning Lessons

Among the challenges managers at UCHealth Memorial Hospital faced during the boiler replacement project were delays in the project’s early stages and the impact they had on later stages.

Read This » How Facility Managers Can Best Manage Stress

Three out of four Americans are stressed out, with one of them facing high levels of stress, according to research from Harvard Medical School.

Read This » Stress Can Strain Relationships, Health

Nobody wants to die of a heart attack at their desk because their job is killing them.

Read This » Stress Management Strategies for Facility Managers

This is not the part where we discuss the benefits of getting a massage, but facility managers do need to find constructive and effective ways to manage their stress.

Read This » Part of the Job: Managing FM Team Stress Levels

Camarote regrets that sometimes managers don’t think it’s part of their job to help their teams manage work stress.

Read This » How To Conduct a Proper Roof Inspection

A commercial building is a large investment for a building owner and to protect that investment and ensure that all of the contents and occupants of the building are safe, the roof needs to be in good condition.

Read This » Roofing: How And Why To Do Effective Preventive Maintenance

A roof maintenance program should be a systematic approach like any other mechanical system requiring maintenance.

Read This » Tips to Better Understanding Your Audiences

It’s old news that maintenance and engineering managers need to be better communicators.

Read This » How To Lower Electricity Rates

Most facility managers know how to trim electricity costs by upgrading lighting, HVAC, and controls.

Read This » How Special Rates, Deregulation Can Save FMs On Utilities Costs

Special rates and economic development offer potential electric rate consideration.

Read This » Technology Provides Further Opportunities For Reducing Electricity Costs

Many facility managers have heard of peak demand, which is the facility’s fastest use of electricity each month.

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