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Facilities Management articles for the week of 2/5/2023 - 2/11/2023

4 Types of Roof Coatings: How to Pick the Best for Your Facility

This article was first published in 2020 and has been updated to reflect current information.  There are several types of coatings available on the commercial roofing market.

Read This » Green Roof Delivers Sustainability Benefits for Javits Center

he challenges involved in maintaining and operating the Jacob K.

Read This » Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Electric Utility Vehicles

UVs on the market can operate on lead acid or lithium batteries.

Read This » Smart Windows Offer Modern Solution for Middle Tennessee State University

ith a nickname like “The Glass House,” windows are a serious business in the Murphy Center, Middle Tennessee State University’s (MTSU) basketball and event center.

Read This » Restroom Products Evolve to Meet Changing Demands

he COVID-19 pandemic has impacted countless aspects of people’s lives and daily routines for nearly three years.

Read This » Education Facilities Managers Work to Fight the Great Resignation

o put it mildly, the last three years have not been easy for maintenance and engineering managers in education facilities.

Read This » Transforming a Semi-Vacant Office Building Into a Biotech Hub

ll across the United States, office complexes are sitting partially or completely vacant.

Read This » Scissor Lifts Plays a Major Role in Maintenance Issues

obile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) can be big-ticket investments for maintenance and engineering managers.

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