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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/10/2019 - 3/16/2019

NFMT Conference Helps Hone Professional Skills

Building maintenance and engineering management in institutional and commercial facilities is not simply a job for many managers.

Read This » Air Filter Checks and Improved IAQ

Pressure drop and filter checks One effective practice is to include air filter checks, cleaning and changes in the annual preventive maintenance program.

Read This » Understanding the Standards of IAQ

Tools of the trade Two standards — the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) and California Ambient Air Quality Standard (CAAQS) — define clean air.

Read This » High-Performance HVAC: Why Maintenance is Critical

One serious problem is providing inadequate space for maintenance of HVAC equipment.

Read This » How Hackers Exploit Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

When individual vulnerabilities are exposed in a coordinated manner, the effects can lead to corporate network data breaches, destruction of cyber-physical systems, or physical harm to people.

Read This » FM Customer Service Goal: Occupant Convenience

Customers want convenient service.

Read This » Looking for Concrete Trouble Spots

Regardless of the location in which a concrete coating is applied, managers need to remember one given: Concrete wears down, cracks and breaks.

Read This » Using Budgets to Map Out Mower Performance Life

By mapping out future grounds care budgets, managers can establish reasonable lifespan expectations for equipment, which in turn will help forecast the need for repairs and, ultimately, replacement. The decision to make major repairs will depend on the specific situation.

Read This » Wellness: Enhancing the True ROI of Buildings

The WELL Building Standard is at the heart of a movement to advance buildings that help people work, live, perform, and feel their best.

Read This » Understanding New Leak Detection Technology

When it comes to selecting water leak detection technology, the myriad of solutions on the market to choose from can sometimes be daunting.

Read This » How to Stay Hip with Design Trends for Senior Living Facilities

Many mainstream publications warn the public of the “silver tsunami” poised to flood the senior living market.

Read This » How to Get Started with Green Leases

For facility managers and building owners not sure where to begin with green leasing, a first step can be to assess lease and corporate documentation in comparison to the standards specified by the Green Lease Leaders recognition program.

Read This » The Role of Maintenance in Boiler Performance Life

To ensure boilers continue to operate energy efficiently, technicians need to ensure its heat-transfer surfaces remain clean.

Read This » What is the Real Cost of Flooring?

What does the phrase “the real cost of flooring” mean to you? The real cost is the life cycle cost of installing a new or replacement flooring material.

Read This » Cybersecurity: Understanding Smart Building Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in information systems can come in many different forms and at different levels, including device level, system level, network level, application level, and operation and management level. Device level.

Read This » Ensuring Door Hardware Delivers Effective Security

To ensure door hardware delivers effective security, managers need understand the product manufacturing process and ensure installers follow recommended procedures.

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