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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/1/2020 - 3/7/2020

Preparing for Outbreak: How Hospitals Brace for Infectious Diseases

The novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly, causing facilities managers all over the world to make sure infectious disease emergency preparedness plans are up to date.

Read This » Upgrade Opportunities To Improve Facility Resilience

Uninvested leadership or communication breakdowns can hinder emergency preparation well before the tornado sirens start blaring.

Read This » Post-Installation Maintenance for Roof Replacement Success

Immediately after the installation of the new roof system, workers must perform an inspection to discover and correct installation defects.

Read This » Is There an FM Platform for That?

Platforms are turning up all over the place in facilities.

Read This » Why Diversity Moves FMs Towards a More Successful Team

You value diversity.

Read This » Teamwork Essential for College's Energy Efficiency Increases

Cox credits a number of factors in delivering successful upgrade projects for the college, including clear communication. “In hindsight as a department, we did a pretty good job of communicating and made strong efforts toward that end,” he says.

Read This » Outsourcing: KPIs Determine Success with Vendors

Measuring vendor performance against KPIs is essential to outsourcing success.

Read This » Safety Considerations in Mower Specification

<p>Smart grounds managers know they also must pay attention to the safety features and functions of a mower to protect operators and ensure reliable, long-term performance.</p>   <p>The terrain a department must maintain plays a major role in the type of mower a manager selects.

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