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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/17/2019 - 3/23/2019

Smart Buildings and Facilities Management: 3 Applications

1. Dynamic building operations Traditionally, buildings are operated on relatively static schedules – turn on at 6 a.m.

Read This » Boilers: Repair or Replace?

As with all building components, boilers have finite service lives.

Read This » Effectively Integrating Door Hardware and Access Control

The first step in integrating door hardware with access control systems is an access control checklist.

Read This » 6 Ways to Add Value with Good FM Customer Service

Is it time to give up on customer service? Not at all.  While there are changes to the way facility management organizations should approach customer service in the current business climate, the bottom line is that outstanding customer service remains viable.

Read This » Hybrid HVAC Systems Offer Big Efficiency

There is a growing movement toward net-zero energy buildings.

Read This » Putting Plans into Action to Increase Technician Productivity

Leadership took the findings and recommendations to heart.

Read This » Benefits and Impacts of a Facility Renewal Program

The benefits of MD Anderson’s facility renewal program include improvements in the use of department resources. “We saw an increase of approximately 60 percent in resource utilization, primarily our financial resources,” Patel says.

Read This » Emergency Preparedness Requirements in NFPA 3000

As with the facility risk assessment, facility preparedness information is required for “at risk” facilities identified in the community risk assessment.

Read This » The Next Generation of Senior Living Facilities

As the preferences of seniors change, owners, managers, and developers are defining new types of senior living in different kinds of settings, tailored to resident desires.

Read This » How to Consider Flooring Maintenance Costs

You should think of floorcoverings just as you do any equipment you invest in: It must be taken care of with a planned maintenance program.

Read This » 'Green Lease Leaders' Program Recognizes Successful Green Leasing

In 2014, the Institute for Market Transformation and the U.S.

Read This » NFMT: Helping Professionals Network and Build

NFMT Baltimore 2019 is the place to improve and enhance the facilities team.

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