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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/17/2024 - 3/23/2024

Constructing for Net Zero and LEED

he Consolidated Headquarters Complex for the California Military Department recently opened, bringing together the California Army National Guard, California Air National Guard, and California State Guard in one location.   The CMD Consolidated Headquarters Complex is one of the first few large-scale campuses targeting net zero energy implemented by the State of California.

Read This » Spring Grounds Checklist for Managers

he winter months may linger on in parts of the country, but spring is just around the corner.

Read This » Keeping E-Waste from Landfills

t’s a situation that facility managers are often forced to deal with – leaders at an institutional or commercial facility decide to upgrade their information technology devices, and the managers are left to figure out how to get rid of unwanted equipment such as laptops and desktop computers and monitors.  Often, the rubbish ends up in a landfill – which is obviously not a good situation for the environment.  The amount of e-waste Americans generate is staggering.

Read This » Resilience Practices That Protect Against Wildfires

ne of the most important terms that has begun to push to the forefront of the building resiliency discussion, particularly when considering fire resiliency, is the WUI – pronounced “woo-ee,” or wildlife-urban interface.

Read This » Getting Organizational Buy-in for Smart Technology

he last handful of years have been peppered with buzz words, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive maintenance.

Read This » Strategies for Successful Active Shooter Drills

hreats to the nation’s institutional and commercial facilities seem to be expanding by the day, and facility managers often are at the center of organizations’ efforts to secure facilities and protect occupants, visitors and assets.  No threat to facilities has caught the attention of building owners and managers and the general public as much as active shooters.

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