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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/22/2020 - 3/28/2020

The Facilities Manager's Role in Flooring Projects

You are responsible for the building’s care and upkeep.

Read This » How to Develop In-House Product Standards

Developing in-house product standards is a challenge that most facility managers tackle at some point.

Read This » Advanced Analytics Show HVAC Data Patterns

The integration of computers and microprocessors into practically all HVAC equipment has given facility managers access to an almost unlimited stream of data.

Read This » After Onboarding: Long-Term Strategies for Diversity in FM

Once the candidate becomes an employee, diversity and inclusion efforts should not get switched into an autopilot mode where the assumption is that all is well.

Read This » 3 Tips for Completing Tiered Utility Incentive Worksheets

Mass Save and Energize Connecticut both provide worksheets for projects applying for funding.

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