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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/24/2019 - 3/30/2019

March 2019 Supplier Spotlight

  Lavatory Bradley Bradley’s all-in-one WashBar features touchless clean+rinse+dry hand washing technology that saves time and money.

Read This » BACnet/SC Aims to Improve Cybersecurity

Growing cyber-risks facing building automations systems are behind the development of BACnet/SC (Secure Connect), a new technology that will address current cybersecurity concerns about the protocol. BACnet introduced a security method in 2010, but that solution was not embraced by the industry because it didn’t rely on standard IT measures, according to Carl Neilson, technical advisor for BACnet International.

Read This » Staffing: The Never-Ending Challenge

Staffing is the Sisyphus of maintenance.

Read This » Matching Concrete Coatings to Facility Needs

Concrete surfaces play a central role in institutional and commercial facilities, from creating a first impression for visitors to providing safe, reliable surfaces for walking to and around buildings. The challenge for maintenance and engineering managers is ensuring the safe condition of these surfaces to prevent potential costly problems, including slips and falls and premature replacement.

Read This » Integrating Technology into Existing Senior Living Facilities

Existing senior living communities, more than two-thirds of which were built before 2000, are competing with new buildings better suited to what the market wants.

Read This » Measure, Test, Commission: Keys to High-Performance HVAC

Today it’s all about the data.

Read This » PGMS: Spotlight on Success

The Professional Grounds Management Society’s (PGMS) Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation Program (LMOA) evaluates organizations’ grounds management practices.

Read This » LEED and WELL: Complementary, Not Contradictory

Today, many buildings are “good,” but not “well.”  Since the 1990s, a good building has had minimum floor-to-floor dimensions while optimizing ceiling heights; perhaps the duct loop goes through the girders.  In a good building, the rentable area is important, with the deck edge and glass line positioned for maximum square footage.

Read This » Concrete Coatings: Effective Application for Long-Term Performance

Every concrete coating has a service life, and eventually technicians will need to repair or recoat the surface. “The recoating process needs to be much less intrusive than the initial installation to minimize the facilities downtime,” Thome says.

Read This » Mower Performance Life: The Finer Points

Adhering to the maintenance schedule and ensuring the mower operates according to manufacturer recommendations will keep the unit running at peak performance and minimize the need for repairs.

Read This » Leak Detection Technology: Proper Installation, Maintenance a Must

Not only is it important that a water leak detection system meet applicable standards, it’s also important that it is installed, tested, and maintained properly.

Read This » Doing Flooring Right the First Time Avoids Wild Card Costs

When it comes to costs, litigation and the need to replace flooring prematurely are wild cards because they aren’t predictable.

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