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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/25/2018 - 3/31/2018

How ProFM Improves The Core Competencies of Facility Management

What distinguishes superior performance? 
The short answer: competency. Being competent in one’s field suggests an advanced performance level.

Read This » Stay the Energy Conservation Course

It’s important for property owners to remember that Energy Star scores are a mark of relative performance.

Read This » New Owners, New Beginnings

Thirty years ago, a new team took control of Trade Press, the company that publishes Building Operating Management, as two top managers bought out the previous owner.

Read This » Are You At Risk For Losing Your Energy Star Certification?

Conserving energy has expanded beyond the realm of social and corporate responsibility.

Read This » Specifying CMMS Based on Facility Needs

Managers in education, health care, and commercial office facilities focus on similar aspects of a CMMS during specification and implementation, but their approaches and processes can differ greatly.

Read This » Effectively Treat Water in Open and Closed Cooling Systems

Open and closed cooling systems employ recirculating cooling water as the heat transfer media.

Read This » FMs Must Address Legionella As Part of Proper Water Treatment

Some of the bacteria in the air that we breathe and the water that we drink have the ability to make us very sick, and even to kill us.

Read This » How Proper Water Treatment Is Really A Public Health Protection

The control of dangerous micro-organisms, such as Legionella, in building water systems has now been generally identified as a recent concern within the industry and by the public at large.

Read This » 7 Steps To Effective Water Treatment

Water treatment is the science of addressing the issues discussed in Part 1  and Part 2  of this story.

Read This » Understand Common Water Treatment Failures

There are a wide range of potential problems that building owners and facility managers should be aware of.

Read This » How To Prevent Common Water Treatment Problems

To prevent problems, including minimizing erosion of system metals by ensuring optimum water velocity, sufficient flow should be provided to maintain good turbulence and scrubbing of metal surfaces by the water.

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