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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/3/2019 - 3/9/2019

Best Practices for Achieving High-Performance HVAC Systems

Many building owners don’t give proper thought to how much impact a higher performing HVAC system can have on a building and its ability to be profitable.

Read This » Maximizing CMMS To Meet Evolving Needs

Deane’s goal is to develop a CMMS that meets the ever-shifting needs of the university and to produce data and reports that managers can use to make informed decisions about department activities and priorities. “In terms of benchmark data, a conscious effort is made to ensure that data entered to the CMMS will provide dependable data available for management decisions through requested reports,” she says.

Read This » Defining Roles and Responsibilities To Increase Productivity

Recently, I worked with an organization and found the following: • The department had a high turnover ratio and no formal engineering group. • Supervisors functioned as the maintenance planners, and scheduling was done the afternoon prior to the following day. • Supervisors were actually not planning any work, which meant the technicians were repairing assets on the fly with no documentation of work performed. • The department was not prioritizing corrective maintenance.

Read This » New NFPA Standard Helps Facilities Prepare for Active Shooters

Mass shootings have become tragically common.

Read This » Effectively Implementing a Facility Renewal Program

The job of leading the FRP process fell to Patel. “I was assigned to lead the effort,” he says.

Read This » Edge Rooms and Data Center Closets: 9 FAQs

  Digital transformation continues to expand enterprise data centers to include private, hosted private, and public cloud environments.

Read This » For FM Success, Focus on New Customer Service Strategies

For more than 20 years, the facility management community fought hard to be recognized as leaders and change agents in the arena of customer service.

Read This » LEED v4.1 Sets the Tone for the Future of Green Building

For nearly 20 years, LEED has been the de facto leadership standard for green buildings.

Read This » Smart Buildings: Efficient and Resilient. But Secure?

The Building Internet of Things (B-IoT) is quickly making its way into all aspects of commercial real estate, and B-IoT startups are craving to get a piece of this massive market pie.

Read This » NFMT Offers Variety of Facilities Management Education Opportunities

Three Ways To Improve Operations Attending NFMT (March 26-28 in Baltimore) will give you insights into improving your operations.

Read This » How Green Leases Help Achieve Green Buildings

In the United States, 50 percent of commercial space in the country is leased, according to the Department of Energy.

Read This » Focus on Filters To Clear the Air

HVAC systems have made great strides in improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in institutional and commercial facilities.

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