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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/5/2023 - 3/11/2023

Facilities Embracing Smart Technology for Infection Control Practices

uilding operators and managers understand the importance of establishing clean, welcoming environments both on their building’s interior and exterior.   The pandemic has pushed building managers to quickly shift and adapt to different cleaning and sanitation practices.

Read This » 5 Things to Know when Upgrading Building Control Systems

pgrading building control systems will require some upfront work by maintenance and engineering managers to understand what systems or sections of the control system needs upgrading in institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Energy Management System Improves Convention Center Efficiency

s a leader in the entertainment industry, Scott Keith likes to say he’s in the memory-making business.  Whether those memories happen at a convention, music concert, minor league baseball game or during a round of golf, it’s Keith’s job as the president and CEO of the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority in Michigan to ensure these same people enjoy their experiences enough to keep coming back.  But before Keith started trying to convince bands and trade shows to make stops in Lansing, his career was in facility operations, so he also understands the importance of efficient buildings.  “People want to know that there are technologies and people in place that will keep you safe,” Keith says.

Read This » Acoustical Strategies for Occupants’ Return to the Office

s the country moves past the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of recent years, much attention for facility managers has been focused on how to lure employees back to the office workplace.

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his year marks my 20th anniversary with Trade Press Media Group.

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