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Facilities Management articles for the week of 3/7/2021 - 3/13/2021

4 Crucial Lighting Design Considerations for a Post-COVID World

When we think about offices of the future, a realm of images come to mind: Computer screens projected whenever and wherever we want them.

Read This » How to Identify Internal FM Candidates for Promotion

One of the tougher challenges an FM has during the succession planning process is identifying potential candidates to move up in the organization.  Candidates can come from different kinds of backgrounds and skill sets.

Read This » HVAC Upgrades: Growing with the Changes

Things have changed at Collin College in recent years.

Read This » Roofing That Enhances Employee Health and Wellness

The traditional office environment was already changing to meet the requirements of both current and prospective employees when changes in roof system design came about.

Read This » COVID-19 Decontamination: How to Harness UV-C Light to Disinfect Facilities

Difficult challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have been the order of the day in 2020.

Read This » Cafeteria Considerations: Design With Students in Mind

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many rituals, including school lunch.

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