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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/15/2018 - 4/21/2018

How To Identify Goals When Planning Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment

A good starting point in planning for an energy efficient HVAC system is for the owner or anchor tenant to develop a list of goals that are important to them.

Read This » Lifts: Equipment Advances Enhance Safety Features

Just as safety standards and training methods for MEWPs have improved, so have the functions and features of the units.

Read This » UPS: Routine Maintenance Matters

Maintenance matters Generator maintenance often includes performing a monthly load bank test at 100 percent load for an extended period.

Read This » How To Make The Case for Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment

In the movie based on Carl Bernstein’s and Bob Woodward’s Watergate book All The Presidents Men, the character known as “Deep Throat” made a famous suggestion: "Follow the money." That’s good advice for facility managers seeking to justify energy efficient HVAC equipment for new construction or major renovation projects.

Read This » Autonomous Vehicles: Lowering Demand for Facility Parking?

The emergence of autonomous vehicles, coupled with the explosion of ride-sharing apps, likely will reduce demand for parking spaces.

Read This » Infrared Imaging Comes of Age

Maintenance and engineering managers and their staffs have powerful new diagnostic tools at their disposal thanks to the development of a new generation of infrared imaging systems.

Read This » Outsourcing: Managers Offer Insights and Strategies

“Doing more with less” has become a guiding principle for maintenance and engineering managers in institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Remote Monitoring Centers Aim to Turn Building Performance Data into Action

The volume of real-time building performance data that can help facility managers improve operations has grown exponentially.

Read This » Getting the Most out of Smart Sensors

A critical element of the Building Internet of Things is the smart sensor.

Read This » Lighting Control: Overcoming Obstacles

As with any large facility or system upgrade, the lighting upgrades at the Albuquerque Convention Center presented Garcia, Gurule and their teams with challenges.

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