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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/24/2022 - 4/30/2022

Smart Pumps Lead the Way to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Goals

lthough the full impact of pumps in our society sometimes falls under the radar, what hasn’t gone unnoticed is energy efficiency and sustainability.

Read This » Tapping into the Skills and Experience of Older Workers

ew topics dominate conversations among maintenance and engineering managers more often than staffing.

Read This » How to Solve Facility Challenges Due to Community Growth

unicipalities are growing rapidly, and with that growth comes new challenges.

Read This » How Collaborative Contracting Can Lead to Successful Projects

ublic construction projects have been facing tighter schedules, stricter budgets, and higher risks than ever before.

Read This » The Future of Building Automation Expected to Bring Better Accessibility

he adoption of technology in institutional and commercial buildings has historically been slower than elsewhere in society.

Read This » What’s Old is New Again: Redefining a Small-Town Fire Station

fter 45 years of meeting the fire and rescue needs of Delavan, a small town in southeastern Wisconsin, the town’s firehouse was simply beyond repair and was recently replaced with a new building teeming with modern construction and high-tech amenities to meet the growing needs of the community.   As the town’s hub for fire rescue and lifesaving services, the new 25,000-square-foot facility now boasts a fire pump room, EMS storage space, eight bays, offices, a kitchen and conference rooms.

Read This » Storage Woes: Museums Facing Many Challenges

The worst time to address a problem in facilities management is after a problem occurs.

Read This » Managers Face New Generation of Staffing Challenges

The last decade has seen nearly every aspect of maintenance and engineering management change in institutional and commercial facilities.

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