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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/25/2021 - 5/1/2021

Consider Portable Cooling Options While Occupants Slowly Return

Winter is fading, and spring is here.

Read This » Quieting an Energetic Open Office

PTC’s new global headquarters at 121 Seaport Boulevard in Boston needed to showcase the company’s high-tech work in software for product design, IoT, and augmented reality, and serve as a way to attract and retain talent.

Read This » Facility Security Strategies for a New Era

The last year has seemed to bring nothing but challenges for institutional and commercial buildings as maintenance and engineering managers initially addressed issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak and then adapted facilities to the ongoing issues related to sanitization, occupancy levels and ventilation.

Read This » Fitwel Viral Response Module: Best Practices for Slowing the Spread

The coronavirus pandemic is catalyzing a long-term shift in priorities both in terms of what occupants and tenants want in their building, but also how facility managers prioritize strategies.

Read This » How AI Can Help Improve MEP Design for Efficiency, Cost Savings

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) equipment installed in facilities, among the largest and most complex systems in any building, have a tremendous impact on energy use and how rapidly organizations meet carbon emissions goals. While many facility managers have prioritized low-hanging fruit to drive down systems’ energy use, there’s a much bigger opportunity to meet carbon goals in the MEP design process.

Read This » What's the Return on Investment for IAQ Strategies?

Implementing IAQ strategies doesn’t automatically result in a net increase in energy or water consumption, utility costs, or other operational costs.

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