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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/26/2020 - 5/2/2020

fnPrime Gives FMs New Option for In-Depth Facilities Information

The “new normal” is the bland phrase we use to describe our adjusted expectations after a disruption to the way we live or work.

Read This » Myths and Misconceptions about Drain Cleaning

Despite the role drain cleaning machines have played for years in the smooth operation of facilities, myths, misconceptions and missed opportunities related to these products remain. “One common misconception is that one machine can serve all the various applications,” Speranza says.

Read This » Security Issues: Successful Door Hardware Upgrades

Upgrade projects offer managers important opportunities to take steps that improve facility security, as well as occupant and visitor health. Some electronic door hardware choices, such as proximity cards, biometric readers, and facial recognition, have the ability to limit entry only to authorized personnel and record the time and place of entry.

Read This » How to Get Sound Masking Right

In the past, sound masking was often used as a after-the-fact acoustical solution when a trendy open plenum proved to be too noisy.

Read This » Staffing Shortages May Hinder Data Center Success

A growing source of pressure on data center facility managers is the tight labor market.

Read This » Staffing and Security: Successful Roof Replacement Projects

The third area to plan for related to a roof replacement project is security.

Read This » Avoiding Pitfalls: Successful Technology Selection and Implementation

The process of selecting and implementing technology sounds simple.

Read This » 8 Steps to a Successful Emergency Communication System

Emergency communication systems (ECS) have evolved over the last 15 years.

Read This » How Design Should Encourage Movement, Improve Health and Wellness

The amount of time spent inside, due to traditional work styles, is often in a seated position.

Read This » Hardscape Maintenance Pays Dividends for Facilities

Hardscapes are some of the most expensive landscape components and need to be maintained regularly to provide the longevity and performance that a facility requires.

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