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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/28/2019 - 5/4/2019

How To Manage and Remove PCBs from School Facilities

If identified PCBs are to remain at the site, a management plan should be developed and implemented.

Read This » Water Conservation and Legionnaires'

Water-conservation measures have become popular among institutional and commercial facilities looking to be more sustainable and cut utility costs.

Read This » Portable Cooling and Its Impact on Operations

Portable cooling equipment is typically either temporary or semi-permanent, so their application should not require extensive maintenance, but managers should verify key requirements of their application, including power requirements, system venting and temperature monitoring systems.

Read This » How Gundersen Health System Achieved Energy Independence

The cogen project had a huge problem: There was too much sulfur in the biogas.

Read This » How to Know When It's Time to Go Premium with Paint

Knowing what makes up a quality paint and how to select one still does not answer the most critical question: Is the additional cost of quality worth it? If a facility manager is going to pay a higher price for the paint, what will he or she get in return? The promise is that higher quality paint will reduce long term costs, but is it enough to justify the additional first costs? And are there times when using a paint that is less than premium is a better option? In order to evaluate the cost effectiveness of high quality paint, facility managers have to look beyond just the cost of the paint.

Read This » Manager's Role in Project Management Leads to Successful Renovations

The successful expansion and renovations of the University of Florida’s student union gave Mironack insights into several key elements of project management.

Read This » Avoiding Light Construction Equipment Rental Mistakes

Maintenance departments regularly rent a range of equipment and tools to complete projects more quickly and efficiently.

Read This » How Lighting Energy Efficiency Connects to Wellness

Efforts to provide energy efficiency and occupant wellness through lighting clearly dovetail.

Read This » Level 4: 2N Systems Feature Full Equipment and System Redundancy

A 2N system, or “two times the need,” features full equipment and systems redundancy.

Read This » How to Plan for Long-Term Campus Resilience

Colleges and universities are increasingly factoring in the need to provide power in the event of a utility outage.

Read This » Post-Installation Steps to Ensure Long Roofing Life

Finally, after the project is incomplete, a few steps will help ensure a long roof life. 1.

Read This » Legionnaires': Spotlight on Healthcare Facilities

Concerns about hospital-acquired infections have been growing within the healthcare industry.

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