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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/4/2021 - 4/10/2021

Social Distancing Strategies Respect Veterans' Needs

The VA’s new Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, is a much-welcomed addition to the area as it expands care space, healthcare services, and telehealth modalities to Veterans living in rural areas.

Read This » How to Get Hardscapes Right

Landscapes are complex systems that should be managed and maintained to provide the result grounds managers want.

Read This » Supporting Human Health With Circadian Lighting Design

Our bodies are tuned to operate optimally under the natural cycle of bright daylight during the day and inky darkness at night.

Read This » The Facility Manager's Oath: Do No Harm

First, do no harm.

Read This » Managing in a Crisis: What Lies Ahead?

How would you function in a crisis? Chances are, you have a better idea of the answer to that question than you did a year ago.

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