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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/5/2020 - 4/11/2020

Choosing the Right Ceiling Depends on Facility Goals

It was never true that all ceilings were basically the same, but it may seem like that to facility managers looking back from today’s world, with an expansive array of ceiling options.

Read This » Case Studies Illustrate Energy Bill Variables

A large hospital installed a single large gas turbine generator to make both on-site power and heat.

Read This » High-Level Decisions: Successful Roof Replacements

Replacing a roof system over a commercial office building poses several complex challenges that require maintenance and engineering managers, project designers and building owners to engage in deep forethought and detailed planning.

Read This » Wants vs. Needs: Successful Technology Selection and Implementation

One important benefit of an engaged workforce — the topic of my November/December 2019 column — is the range of efficiencies that it leads to. “But isn’t technology a fundamental building block of efficient operations?” you might ask.

Read This » A Career Trajectory in Data Center Operations

Chris Wade was one of Walmart’s first data center facility managers.

Read This » Should You Give Tunable White LED Lighting a Shot?

Tunable white LED lighting has emerged as an exciting option for building owners and facility managers looking not only to minimize energy consumption but also optimize the utility of their lighting systems.

Read This » 'Crisitunity' and Lessons from a Pandemic

How can “The Simpsons” relate to the coronavirus pandemic? Hear me out. By now, maintenance and engineering managers nationwide know exactly how resilient their facilities are.

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