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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/7/2024 - 4/13/2024

Fire Protection: Keeping Up with Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Training

acility management is always changing, especially as innovations, climate change and regulatory changes disrupt buildings, systems and codes.

Read This » Networking Is Key to Success in Facility Management

ris Byk, director of operations for Wachtung Hills Regional Hills High School in Warren, New Jersey, never had a mentor in the facility maintenance industry, but he did have great bosses that helped shape his career.

Read This » Developing a Replacement Plan for Utility Vehicles

TV fleets represent a significant financial investment for grounds managers.

Read This » How AI and IoT Can Prevent School Shootings

ost consideration aside, with artificial intelligence video surveillance and with remote guarding, schools can finally get proactive with their security and stop incidents in real time.   While AI can help identify suspicious activities by monitoring social media and online activities, analyzing data, and empowering surveillance systems, McDonald adds that AI is going to be a great tool for schools but it is also going to change how threats happen.   “A lot of shooters broadcast their intentions publicly – such as on social media – and tell us before they’re coming.

Read This » High School Embraces Classrooms and Community

he Science Innovation Center at Monterey High School is a 12,500-square foot campus addition designed by CAW Architects.

Read This » Utility Master Plans Help Ensure Facility Reliability

n the modern world, nothing can bring life to a screeching halt faster than a power outage.  And yet, nothing gets taken more for granted than the ability to access energy and light at the flip of a switch.  In a higher-education environment, where important activities are taking place around the clock, it is critical that the power and water distribution systems throughout campus remain resilient and robust at all times.

Read This » Leak Repair: Quick Response and Detection Technology Are Key

hen dealing with a water leak, keeping costs from spiraling and maintaining health and safety standards depends on how quickly technicians can detect, analyze and repair the problem.

Read This » Using Propane-Powered Mowers for Efficient Grounds Maintenance

irst impressions have a lasting effect on individuals’ opinions of a business or property, which is why high-quality landscaping is essential to the success of commercial facilities.

Read This » Three Ways to Build Technician Pride

here were no Saturday morning cartoons in my house as a kid.

Read This » Water Leaks: Common Causes

ot all water leaks in institutional and commercial facilities are the same.

Read This » Know Your Fire Alarm Codes

uilding codes have historically been developed to help avoid large conflagrations in our cities.

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