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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/8/2018 - 4/14/2018

Drones: An Opportunity and a Challenge

Since drones — more formally, unmanned aircraft systems or UAS — targeted to consumers were introduced in about 2010, they’ve become more numerous, more affordable, and more sophisticated.

Read This » Updates To ANSI Standards Impact Lift Specification

As commercial and institutional facilities of all kinds become smarter and more complex, more things can go wrong, especially in hard-to-reach places that often require front-line technicians to use lifts and aerial work platforms to move themselves, their tools and the needed materials. But before technicians can safely and productively operate lifts, maintenance and engineering managers must make sure they have had the proper safety training and understand all lift features and functions.

Read This » UPS: Maximizing Performance Life

The role of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators in the reliable and efficient operations of institutional and commercial facilities has expanded in recent years.

Read This » Wearables: The Body Is The New Credential

Biometrics technology has been around for many years and is typically used for access control in areas where a high level of security is needed.

Read This » Electric Vehicles: Should Facility Managers Invest In High-Speed Charging?

By 2040, more than half of new car sales — 54 percent — will be electric, Bloomberg’s Electric Vehicle Outlook 2017 reports.

Read This » Retuning Buildings To Improve Performance

Buildings have personality.

Read This » Upgrade Brings Savings to Light

The Albuquerque Convention Center’s star had been dimming a bit.

Read This » Machine Learning: Making Sense of Big Data

The term “machine learning” may sound like just another new marketing buzzword for the growing category of smart building technology.

Read This » Facility Managers: Students of Technology

Facility managers have always been consumers of technology.

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