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Facilities Management articles for the week of 4/9/2023 - 4/15/2023

Schools Learn Lessons on IAQ

efore the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted everything, maintenance and engineering managers in K-12 school districts spent a lot of time seeking ways to make their buildings more energy efficient and as cost-effective as possible.  After the pandemic subsided and students and faculty started returning to the classrooms, the pursuit of energy efficiency gained a partner as a priority for managers: improving indoor air quality (IAQ).  The emphasis remains and is here to stay.

Read This » A New Era for Door Hardware and Access Control

mong the many components and features of institutional and commercial facilities, few are as taken for granted as door hardware and access control systems.

Read This » How to be Successful When Using Portable Cooling

any portable cooling units offer optional accessories that can be field installed, even though the unit is portable.

Read This » What Is the Role of Renewables in Building Electrification and Efficiency?

s energy efficiency and deep energy retrofits with the goal of net-zero energy buildings become more common for facility managers, a “which comes first, the chicken or egg” discussion has also emerged: Does a facility manager focus first on efficiency and then renewables to make up the difference? Or the other way around?   Most experts suggest this is a no-brainer: Make the facility as efficient as possible, and then cover the rest in onsite renewables.

Read This » Director's Journey from Trades to Leadership

oe Brothman, director of facilities and general services with the University of California Irvine Health, used an opportunity in the trades at a hospital to pursue a career in healthcare facilities management.

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