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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/10/2020 - 5/16/2020

Happiness Matters: How the Post-Pandemic Workplace Should Support Occupants

The stress brought on by the uncertainties of the pandemic is making people question their priorities in life; the physical and mental wellbeing of employees will become an even greater factor for companies and their workplace practices.

Read This » Paints: The Bottom Line on Surface Preparation

Institutional and commercial facilities feature a vast array of interior and exterior surfaces that require paints and coatings to maximize their protection and appearance.

Read This » A Look Behind the Curtain at WELL, Fitwel, and LEED

When the decision was made to simultaneously pursue LEED, WELL, and FitWel certifications for the new Perkins and Will Dallas office, there were a number of unknowns.

Read This » 3-Step Plan for Legionnaires' Disease: Prevent, Detect, Treat

The resurgence of Legionnaires’ disease has been overshadowed by the devastating impact of the coronavirus and COVID-19, but the disease remains a difficult challenge for maintenance and engineering managers.

Read This » Building Successful Training Programs for HVAC Technicians

For generations, maintenance and engineering managers have considered on-the-job training to be adequate for HVAC maintenance personnel.

Read This » How to Plan Fire Safety and Suppression Systems During Renovations

Planning for fire and life safety features can be even more complicated during a renovation or takeover of an existing building.

Read This » 5 Principles of Energy-Efficient Cooling Design

Accounting for 39 percent of building energy use in the United States, HVAC systems are a first choice when looking to reduce operational expenditure.

Read This » Safe at Work: Creating Healthy Workplaces During Coronavirus Pandemic

These are unprecedented times.

Read This » Focus on Supply Chain Benefits Maintenance and Resilience

By now, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested every component of institutional and commercial facilities’ preparations for emergencies, and maintenance and engineering departments have had a chance to revisit their preparations and respond. Managers and front-line workers have assumed the roles and responsibilities outlined in emergency plans and updated them as needed.

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