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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/12/2019 - 5/18/2019

7 Steps for Successful Creative Engagement

The process of creative engagement can be broken down into seven basic steps.  First is an invitation to play, extended by the facility manager’s designated leadership group to a diverse team from all levels of an organization.

Read This » How to Make the Financial Case for Health and Wellness

Classical continuous improvement philosophy states that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Read This » Achieving Design for Maintainability Goals

How does a manager know if the organization’s design for maintainability program works? Achieving these objectives will help managers and their organizations understand whether the program is working: Corporate commitment.

Read This » How To Select a New Roofing System

At first thought, the selection of a new or replacement roof appears to be a straightforward decision based primarily on cost and convenience.

Read This » Advances in Paints and Coatings Have Long-Term Benefits

New generation of paints and coatings is offering maintenance managers a range of potential benefits that were unavailable only a few years ago.

Read This » How FMs are Using Internships, Apprenticeships to Develop Talent

As companies look ahead and take stock of the number of available workers for manual and skilled-labor jobs in the coming years, some are taking action to help attract and train potential employees.

Read This » Teaming Up for Long-Term Energy Efficiency

Resistance to change can shut down the planning process before it gains a head of steam.

Read This » 3 Higher Ed Facility Strategies to Improve Collaboration

Today’s academic institutions are facing a shift in both enrollment and academic structure.

Read This » How to Use Big Data to Improve Occupant Experience

What makes a building “smart” or “intelligent” could be different for different types of buildings.

Read This » Specifying HVAC Equipment Based on Facility Needs

ll building HVAC systems have a finite service life.

Read This » Understanding High-Efficiency Rooftop Air Conditioning Units

Rooftop air conditioning units (RTUs) condition about 60 percent of the U.S.

Read This » Air-Flow Management Strategies for Data Centers

Imagine a computer room or data center that was built before or shortly after the turn of the century, conceptualized without containment, and designed to a long-since abandoned practice of maintaining “meat-locker” conditions — a data center that never broke the barrier of 500 kW of IT load. Most facility managers, if they’ve been involved with data centers at all, have seen such a place, and not at the turn of the century, but rather recently.

Read This » Upgrading Plumbing Systems to Improve Efficiency

As concerns about rising water utility costs continue to grow nationwide, institutional and commercial facilities are taking a closer look at the efficiency of plumbing systems.

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