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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/15/2022 - 5/21/2022

HVAC Industry Has Never Been More Essential

s the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loosen its grip on the country, many industries are reassessing the last two-plus years and considering how they’re emerging from these unprecedented times.  Leaders in the HVAC industry are among those looking back at this historical point in time and wondering what they’ve learned, and where they’re headed in the years to come.  “Our industry learned it has never been more essential,” says ASHRAE President Mick Schwedler.

Read This » Health and Wellness Strategies Complement Resilience, Sustainability

n addition to sustainability and resilience, the COVID-19 pandemic showed just how important focusing on health and wellness is (and will be) for facility managers.

Read This » As Climate Change Accelerates, So Must Resilience

irst, the good news: The technologies and science exist now to slow and eventually reverse climate change.

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Read This » How to Mitigate Active Shooters with Crisis Architecture: 8 Principles

An unfortunate reality of our time is the consistent drumbeat of active aggressor attacks on public spaces.

Read This » Libraries Get Creative to Navigate Pandemic Headwinds

he past several years were unlike any other, and the impact to organizations from health care and schools to retail and restaurants was both jarring and life-altering.   Public libraries were no different, as buildings closed like other facilities to mitigate the spread of the infectious disease. Yet, for families, students, job seekers, and other residents, instead of being met by locked doors, they found something revealing in these seemingly quiet centers.  From wireless internet access in parking lots to distribution centers for school lunches to workforce development programs, library staff put into action mechanisms that weren’t really new, but maybe had been unseen by so many residents unfamiliar with today’s libraries.   As Julius Jefferson, president of the American Libraries Association, stated in the State of America’s Libraries 2021, “Libraries kept Americans connected in ways that brought our communities closer.

Read This » Smart Spaces Address Facility Managers’ Pain Points

aving adapted to hybrid work during the pandemic, facilities managers are now tasked with reimagining their facilities for the next iteration of the modern workforce.   FMs face their own staffing challenges, according to FacilitiesNet.

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