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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/16/2021 - 5/22/2021

How to Overcome Construction Logistics During a Pandemic

As with many other industries, the construction industry has faced various impacts from the pandemic over the last year.

Read This » Important Considerations for Retrofitting with Metal

Retrofitting a building constructed with wood or metal is always challenging. Sometimes there are issues lying beneath the surface of the wall or roof that must be addressed.

Read This » Lessons Learned from Managing a Mass Vax Site

What impact has Richie Stever had on UMMC and the COVID-19 efforts in the hospital facility and at the M&T Bank Stadium’s mass vaccination site? Thanks to Stever and his team, UMMC has been able to provide safe care to patients, families and the community during this global pandemic.  UMMC was prepared and responsive well before the first COVID-19 cases, Solis says.

Read This » Providing Safe Water to Occupants Requires Vigilance

Providing safe, clean water to facility occupants is a baseline requirement for facility managers.

Read This » 3 HVAC Measures To Fight COVID-19

While UV-C technology carefully specified and installed in institutional and commercial facilities can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, maintenance and engineering managers also can deploy other measures to fight the spread of COVID-19. 1.

Read This » Five Design Features of Tomorrow’s Restrooms

Public restrooms pose a distinct challenge that embodies the essential goal of design: to create functional spaces without sacrificing aesthetic quality.

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