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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/19/2019 - 5/25/2019

Creative Engagement Case Studies Provide Proof of Concept

As with many processes, creative engagement is best understood by witnessing examples — or trying it oneself.

Read This » 3 Fire Safety Myths: Will Equipment Work as Designed?

Designing fire safety in a building involves coordinating the design and construction of a range of complex systems.

Read This » Paints and Coatings That Address Environmental Issues

In the drive to address environmental challenges, manufacturers have focused on turning out products that are even more environmentally friendly.

Read This » Properly Sizing Chillers for Improved Energy Efficiency

Building chillers often represent the largest HVAC system investment and energy users in a facility.

Read This » Setting the Timeline for Long-Term Energy Planning

Multi-year energy planning should include a timeframe designed around incrementally scheduled process improvements and planned investment with a clear understanding of how outcomes can be measured and verified.

Read This » 4 Facilities Strategies to Improve Student Productivity

Institutions often resort to looking for statistics about completed credit hours and matriculation rates to determine their productivity and performance.

Read This » Where to Find Big Data for Improving Occupant Experience

Most solutions involve collecting and analyzing a lot of data.

Read This » Specifying Plumbing Products to Minimize Maintenance

Once managers and technicians have identified problems and addressed immediate needs with plumbing fixtures and systems, the conversation needs to turn to the ways a plumbing system upgrade can improve system reliability and minimize maintenance.

Read This » What Makes a Rooftop Unit High-Performance?

High-performance RTU options increase as nominal capacity increases, explains Andrew Lehrer, practice leader of high performance buildings at Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

Read This » Why Cold Aisle Air-Flow Management Works

Before describing this strategy of monitoring loads by cold aisle, it’s important to explain the assumptions that make this strategy work.

Read This » Understanding How Roofing Issues Occur

Roof problems generally occur for two reasons.

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