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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/19/2019 - 5/25/2019

Creative Engagement Case Studies Provide Proof of Concept

As with many processes, creative engagement is best understood by witnessing examples — or trying it oneself.

Read This » Getting The Most Out of Irrigation Systems

Landscapes can lose as much as 50 percent of irrigation water through wind, evaporation, and improper system installation or poor maintenance, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, The good news for managers and technicians is that irrigation technology has come a long way in recent years.

Read This » Paints and Coatings That Address Environmental Issues

In the drive to address environmental challenges, manufacturers have focused on turning out products that are even more environmentally friendly.

Read This » 3 Fire Safety Myths: Will Equipment Work as Designed?

Designing fire safety in a building involves coordinating the design and construction of a range of complex systems.

Read This » Setting the Timeline for Long-Term Energy Planning

Multi-year energy planning should include a timeframe designed around incrementally scheduled process improvements and planned investment with a clear understanding of how outcomes can be measured and verified.

Read This » Properly Sizing Chillers for Improved Energy Efficiency

Building chillers often represent the largest HVAC system investment and energy users in a facility.

Read This » Specifying Plumbing Products to Minimize Maintenance

Once managers and technicians have identified problems and addressed immediate needs with plumbing fixtures and systems, the conversation needs to turn to the ways a plumbing system upgrade can improve system reliability and minimize maintenance.

Read This » 4 Facilities Strategies to Improve Student Productivity

Institutions often resort to looking for statistics about completed credit hours and matriculation rates to determine their productivity and performance.

Read This » Where to Find Big Data for Improving Occupant Experience

Most solutions involve collecting and analyzing a lot of data.

Read This » What Makes a Rooftop Unit High-Performance?

High-performance RTU options increase as nominal capacity increases, explains Andrew Lehrer, practice leader of high performance buildings at Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

Read This » Why Cold Aisle Air-Flow Management Works

Before describing this strategy of monitoring loads by cold aisle, it’s important to explain the assumptions that make this strategy work.

Read This » Understanding How Roofing Issues Occur

Roof problems generally occur for two reasons.

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