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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/29/2022 - 6/4/2022

Understanding the Benefits of Metal in Commercial Buildings

etal cladding and roofs check many of the boxes for today’s building owners and facility managers.

Read This » How to Take the Long View on Training and Education

ottom lines have been battered and brutalized.

Read This » Bright New Ideas on Emergency Lighting

mergency lighting is an important part of a facility’s overall emergency preparedness plan.

Read This » Improving Long-Term Energy Efficiency with Commissioning

The challenges of facility management and ownership are just beginning when a facility is built and turned over for operations.

Read This » How to Consider Facility Cooling Options

uildings are designed for people who use them and need to ensure occupants are comfortable, efficient, healthy, and safe as they function inside the space.

Read This » How to Team Up with IT for Cybersecurity

For facility managers, maintaining equipment and keeping entryways secure and free of hazards to mitigate physical risks are all part of a day’s work.

Read This » How to Clean a Packaged Roof Top Unit

ust like every other piece of facility equipment, packaged roof top units require regular cleaning and maintenance to optimize functionality and efficiency.

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