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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/31/2020 - 6/6/2020

Why Facility Managers Need to Start Thinking About Crime Now

The COVID-19 virus has brought massive disruption to the U.S.

Read This » Maximizing Investments in Light-Construction Equipment

Grounds managers looking to expand their landscape construction equipment arsenals need to carefully consider several proven strategies for maximizing their investments in these big-ticket purchases. Versatility.

Read This » Specification Strategies for Light-Construction Equipment

Selecting the most appropriate light-construction equipment for grounds care activities involves understanding the available features and functions that each different model offers. For example, a skid loader — also called skid steer loader or skid steer — is a versatile, powered, four-wheel material handler on a small, rigid frame with dual lift arms that are mounted on the sides of the chassis. The skid loader can adapt to hold a variety of labor-saving attachments that mount on the lift arms, including: buckets for dirt, gravel, mulch, fertilizer and snow; forks for transporting bales or skids of stone, bricks and pavers; concrete breakers; post-hole augers; tree spades; sod layers; and paving tools, such as spreaders and scarifiers. The wheels on the same side of the loader are mechanically locked in pairs, so turning occurs by operating the wheel pairs at different speeds.

Read This » Paints and Coatings Applications for Long-Term Performance

Proper surface preparation will only pay dividends if managers specify paints and coatings that will adhere to the surface in the face of wear and tear after application. “Today, our advanced coatings are specially formulated to go on smoothly to help workers avoid brush marks, roller marks and spattering,” Watson says.

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