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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/5/2019 - 5/11/2019

3 Fire Safety Myths: How Will Occupants React?

In the event of a fire in a facility, many facility managers believe occupants will always follow fire safety protocol to the letter.

Read This » Why Occupant Wellness Strategies Make Financial Sense

One simple fact exists for virtually every commercial building: It has to pay for itself.

Read This » Effectively Maintaining a Variety of Roof Systems

Effectively maintaining roofing systems is among the toughest challenges maintenance and engineering managers face, considering a roof’s complexity, its role in protecting facilities, and the cost of long-term roof management.

Read This » Facility Design Strategies and Tactics for Improved Maintainability

Acquiring, operating, maintaining, and disposing of an institutional or commercial facility or a facility system comes with costs.

Read This » How LEED v4.1 Addresses Embodied Carbon

The U.S.

Read This » How to Engage Occupants to Create Better Space

Work methods for building owners and facility managers have changed in recent years to ensure more effective workplace planning and programming.

Read This » How to Plan for Long-Term Energy Efficiency

Yogi Berra famously said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” That’s especially true when it comes to planning for long-term energy efficiency.

Read This » The Resurgence Legionnaires' and Resources to Help Address It

Legionnaires’ disease is back.

Read This » How Technology is Disrupting Facilities Management

"Is This the Future?” asked the headline.

Read This » Alternative Power Systems: Know the Differences

The terms “emergency,” “back-up,” and “stand-by” are frequently used interchangeably to describe an alternative power system.

Read This » Effective Project Management Helps University Reduce Energy Usage

The result of the retrocommissioning and master plan processes at University of Florida’s J.

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