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Facilities Management articles for the week of 5/6/2018 - 5/12/2018

Understand Arc Flash Codes, Standards, and Regulations

No individual code or standard defines all the requirements for arc-flash safety.

Read This » Wireless Lighting Controls Have Changed The Game

Managers also could consider wireless networked lighting control, which has changed the ballgame for practical expectations for existing buildings. Networked lighting control is primarily an option for retrofits involving retrofit kits and luminaires.

Read This » VRF: Focusing on Fine-Tuning

VRF systems are sensitive to accurate charge levels.

Read This » New Concepts in Office Design Gain Momentum

WELL buildings embody a holistic approach that includes a wide array of factors including light, water, air, comfort, nourishment, fitness, and mind. Material choices such as reclaimed wood send a message of sustainability and connection to the Earth.

Read This » How Acoustics Contributes To a High-Performance Building

With the growing body of research showing how buildings generally, and acoustics specifically, contribute to the health and well-being of occupants, rating systems like LEED and WELL have included language to focus on acoustics. “There’s been a move in recent years to create sensible, best-practice background sound levels,” says Pollock. LEED for Schools, in fact, includes a prerequisite for minimum acoustical performance, which specifies maximum noise levels in classrooms from HVAC and exterior noise, and includes requirements for sound-absorptive finishes. LEED for Building Design and Construction includes a credit for acoustic performance.

Read This » Expanding Applications For Infrared Imaging

Infrared imaging becomes less expensive and more accessible to maintenance and engineering departments, managers are looking for more opportunities to use the technology to benefit their facilities beyond traditional applications. Consider the case of unwanted animals, such as mice, rats, or possums, who have taken up residence in a building.

Read This » VRF: Understanding Facility Needs

VRF systems are most applicable to buildings in which zone loads are limited in size and that have multiple exposures, time-varying occupancies, and ventilation air requirements.

Read This » Heading Off Potential Lighting Control Problems During Design

Lighting control systems are not new.

Read This » 3 Best Practices To Get Acoustics Right

Whether an open office, hospital patient room, or grade-school classroom, proper sound control and acoustics are critical to happy, productive people in those spaces.

Read This » Performing Proper Maintenance on Handheld Tools

Proper inspection and maintenance of handheld equipment is essential to ensure it maximizes the department’s investment.

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