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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/10/2018 - 6/16/2018

Is There Really a Payback for Health and Wellness Strategies?

Facility managers focused on sustainability have usually included considerations of the impact of materials selection on the health and wellness of building occupants.

Read This » Green Roofs to Smart Glass: Building Envelope Considerations for Sustainable Healthcare

An important sustainability strategy is to pay more attention to the building envelope.

Read This » Think Big, Start Small

“Start where you are.Use what you have.

Read This » LED Upgrades: Considerations and Challenges

The fundamental components managers need to consider when upgrading a facility’s lighting include lumen output and ballast compatibility, along with controls and dimming needs. While not always recommended, the simplest upgrade for many facilities is a one-for-one replacement of existing fluorescent lamps with new LED replacement tubes.

Read This » In Critical Facilities, Benchmarking Data Justifies Choices

Benchmarking can play a significant role in developing, enhancing, and retaining a critical organization’s strategies, processes, and resources.

Read This » Energy Efficiency Leads New Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Healthcare Design

Today’s innovative approaches to sustainable hospital design are based on the unique characteristics of the healthcare business.

Read This » Paints and Coatings: Successful Specification

The final key step in planning paint and coating applications is selecting the most appropriate product for the project.

Read This » Collaboration Is Catalyst for Sustainability Success at Kilroy

When asked if she is the catalyst for the sustainability gains at Kilroy, Neff is quick to give credit to the team, starting at the top.

Read This » How To Properly Inspect and Test Fire Dampers

Technicians should visually inspect fire dampers in accordance with the testing schedule outlined by NFPA 80 unless the facility or local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) has a policy that requires more frequent activity.

Read This » Key Decision Points for Mower Specification

Initial cost, durability and versatility remain key decision points related to mower selection, but for grounds managers and manufacturers, other mower features and functions have become more important as expectations rise for the equipment.

Read This » 5 Advantages of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for Tenant Buildouts

In an interior buildout project, building tenants are faced with a myriad of architectural and engineering decisions.

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