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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/11/2023 - 6/17/2023

Top Student Housing Design Trends

n the first article of this series, we considered strategies and insights to optimize security in the increasingly competitive market of student housing.

Read This » Director Follows Calling into Higher Education Facilities Management

teven Cox, director of facilities operations for Tulsa (Okla.) Community College, never intended to enter facilities management.

Read This » Safe Drain Cleaning: Training and Equipment Maintenance for Commercial Facilities

rain cleaning can prove a difficult, dirty and even dangerous job at times, which is why properly training front-line technicians and maintaining the equipment are vital steps for maintenance and engineering managers at institutional and commercial facilities.   The first step managers need to take with their technicians should be an easy one, but it is too often overlooked.   “First and foremost, technicians should always read and understand the manufacturer’s equipment manual and any pertinent safety-related information,” says Tim Kopp, education and training manager for RIDGID Tools.

Read This » The Benefits of Battery Power Grounds Equipment

nother challenge in replacing gasoline-powered equipment with electric equipment is the imbalance in performance.

Read This » Sustainable Water Management: Climate Pledge Arena's Green Initiatives

ome to the NHL’s Seattle Kraken and the WNBA’s Seattle Storm, the Climate Pledge Arena can host up to 18,300 people for any given event.

Read This » How Office Environments Influence Productivity and Well-being

he pandemic has propelled the country into the next era of work that demands a closer look at creating offices that enable workers to not only thrive, but to also be productive.

Read This » Georgia World Congress Center Upgrades Boilers and Chillers, Ensuring Efficiency and Continuity

he boiler and chiller upgrade project started in October 2015 and was completed in February 2017.

Read This » The Consequences of Overlooking Roofing Inspections

oofing systems might be the ultimate “out of sight, out of mind” component of institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Will Artificial Intelligence Take Facilities Management Jobs?

ately, it seems that a day doesn’t go by where I don’t have a meeting or casual conversation about artificial intelligence.

Read This » Hospital Transforms into a Modern Maternity Center

vergreenHealth Family Maternity Center (FMC) in Kirkland, Washington, needed a place for new families to begin, so they consulted with a national Labor and Delivery Consultant to assess and compare their facilities with leading FMC services around the region.   Starting with an existing wing of the hospital, the Ankrom Moisan design team transformed and renovated 90,000 square feet into a modern maternity center, including renovations of a Labor and Delivery Unit, NICU and a Postpartum unit.   Through Lean Design workshops, the design team gathered insights from staff, research, and thoughtful planning that led to a concept that is completely reimagining the experience for care providers and patients.  Soothing start The patients’ and visitors’ journeys start at the team station.

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