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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/16/2019 - 6/22/2019

Long-Term Benefits of Smart Buildings

While each facility’s smart building program will be unique to its needs, budget, and overall goals, intelligent buildings will provide several common benefits when successfully implemented.  Intelligent buildings will deliver the benefits of data gathering, IoT connectivity and analysis that promises improved energy use, power and lighting optimization, building data mapping, and more.

Read This » Health and Wellness: How Research Influences Open Office Design

Walinski always attempts to incorporate the most current science into the justifications for what he’s doing.

Read This » Lithium-Ion Batteries Create Interruption-Free Work

A lithium-ion charger can recharge a battery in 30 minutes.

Read This » Specifying Utility Vehicles Based on Facility Needs

Being responsible for maintaining the grounds of a facility or campus encompasses an endless number of daily tasks and duties across the property.

Read This » Enhancements to Portfolio Manager Focused on Metrics

The latest changes to Portfolio Manager are focused on allowing users to customize the graphs and metrics that the users see on the summary screens and dashboards, as well as being able to choose meaningful metrics to display based on the goals of the user’s energy program.

Read This » Document Control Rooms Speed Incident Response in Data Centers

Critical facilities departments dedicate considerable effort to keeping electrical and cooling systems operating continuously.

Read This » How Flexible Workplace Design Answers the Open Office Question

Much of the current workplace discussion centers on the open office.

Read This » Understanding OSHA and Mitigating Risks

Flooring is one of many potential hazards managers need to be aware of in protecting workers, occupants and visitors and avoid problems with OSHA.

Read This » In Healthcare Facilities, New Technology Improves Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Healthcare facility managers understand the long-term importance of energy-efficient design.

Read This » Budgeting For Planned Repairs and Upgrades

Managers developing and managing budgets every year can rely on planned repairs and upgrades.

Read This » HVAC Upgrades Can Lead to Broader Replacement Opportunities

Planning to replace a chiller or air handler also provides managers with an opportunity to consider other equipment improvements at marginally higher costs while the systems are down.

Read This » How Open Office Space Must Address Acoustics, Thermal Comfort

The last thing Walinski wants to do is inhibit occupant productivity, which poorly designed space can do.

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