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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/17/2018 - 6/23/2018

Broadband Infrastructure for Commercial Buildings: Tenant Needs

Commercial property owners should seek to understand potential tenant telecommunications needs.

Read This » What Is the Facility Information Specification (FIS)?

The product of completing the steps to better construction documents is a Facility Information Specification (FIS).

Read This » Considerations for Sustainable Mowing

As with every other aspect of facilities, grounds management has revamped itself in many areas in recent years due to the rise of sustainability, and mowers are no exception.

Read This » LED Upgrades: Technology Advances

As LED technology progresses, designs are using circuits that can restrict inrush current transients while at the same time allowing for higher energy efficiencies.

Read This » High-Traffic Restrooms Present Challenges for Facility Managers

Facilities managers are all too aware of the challenges inherent in operating restrooms in commercial settings: fluctuations in traffic, heavy use and abuse, and privacy concerns.

Read This » Understanding the LEED Rating System

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a certification program created by the U.S.

Read This » Mowers: The Importance of Operator Comfort and Ergonomics

The renewed focus on operator comfort and ergonomics as these issues relate to the specification of commercial mowers addresses two always-important issues for grounds managers and their mowing operations — operator safety and productivity. “We pay a great deal of attention to ergonomics, and that plays a role in safety in a lot of ways,” Minas says.

Read This » Code Considerations: Specifying Effective Fire Dampers

Specifying the appropriate damper type in the appropriate location can have a large impact on inspection, testing, and maintenance for a facility for years to come. We recently were approached by a medical center client to assist with the damper-testing process at its hospital.

Read This » Smart Buildings: How to Justify an Investment in Analytics Software

Things break and people are uncomfortable: the two unconditional truths of managing a building.

Read This » 8 Steps to Getting Better Construction Documents

Building owners receive project close-out submittals in three formats: drawings and documents, both paper and PDF; structured data in Excel spreadsheets, Sharepoint, or other database formats; and Building Information Models (BIM).

Read This » Paints and Coatings: Tackling Tricky Applications

One especially challenging paint and coating application involves applying epoxy coatings to masonry surfaces.

Read This » How Roof Asset Management Can Save on Operating, Maintenance Costs

Facility managers are forever under pressure to reduce operating and maintenance expenses.

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