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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/18/2023 - 6/24/2023

How the Pandemic is Influencing Future Student Housing Projects

art of the challenge for design during the Covid-era has been the evolution of standards, as masks, social distancing, and vaccines have changed the rules around gathering and interaction.

Read This » How Drain Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers Provide Essential Knowledge for Technicians

rain cleaning equipment manufacturers have a great deal of information to offer, and managers need to encourage technicians to take full advantage.  “Manufacturers usually have a wealth of knowledge, including video training programs, that can help facilities with training to safely operate drain-cleaning equipment,” says Dave Dunbar, national sales manager for General Pipe Cleaners.

Read This » 5 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Facility Managers in a Hard Market

s the commercial real estate industry continues to weather post-pandemic economic shifts, facility managers are playing an increasingly important role helping building owners and operators manage and mitigate property risks.  Changes in attitudes toward commercial real estate today are hitting virtually all sectors, as return-to-office plans remain in flux, restaurants shrink footprints in response to robust takeout and delivery demands, and online purchases curb appetite for retail space.  As if these headwinds weren’t challenging enough, 18 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters affected the United States in 2022, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Read This » LiDAR’s Role in Assessing Facility Conditions

or building owners and managers who are looking to purchase or sell properties, renovate existing sites, have experienced a catastrophic event or just have noticed troubling anomalies like surface cracks or uneven flooring, a relative floor elevation (RFE) model and its analysis delivers valuable information.  Reducing floor variation is essential to reducing wear and tear on the surface, on machinery and to the safe application of self-guided equipment.

Read This » Infrared Imaging and Electronic Leak Detection: The Future of Roof Inspection

dvances in technology have put greater power in the hands of technicians looking to locate even the smallest defects with pinpoint accuracy in new or existing roofing and waterproofing assemblies.

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