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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/20/2021 - 6/26/2021

How Building Performance Standards Are Addressing Climate Change

As many cities in the United States are setting ambitious net-zero carbon goals to address climate change, one of the biggest areas of greenhouse gas emissions they will have to tackle is existing buildings.

Read This » How to Select the Right MEWP

Every facility has its own unique requirements, which means selecting the right MEWP for maintenance applications can often be challenging.  “Choosing the right machine can lead to a productive day’s work, whereas having the wrong machine on site can lead to unexpected delays or inefficiencies,” Stiansen says.  When determining what MEWPs will be needed to perform ongoing maintenance work, managers should outline the staff’s needs, including the type of indoor and outdoor work to be done, the lowest and tallest heights that the equipment must reach, and the number of people and the amount of material the MEWPs need to support in work-at-height applications. Depending on those parameters, managers might need to use a variety of machine types and size classes.

Read This » How Military Veterans Can Solve the Data Center Talent Shortage

In nearly every region of the world, accelerated digital growth continues to fuel strong demand for data center capacity with no imminent signs of slowing down.

Read This » Understanding the Power of Solar PPAs

Solar energy is a hot topic within the buildings and construction industries and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Read This » Career and Industry Certifications in Grounds Management

In any job market, it is important for applicants to set themselves apart from the pack and for employers to be able to quickly identify top talent.

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